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The Ultimate Gym Safety Checklist

As a gym owner, the well-being and security of your members and staff should be a top priority. Every day, numerous individuals visit fitness centers to achieve their fitness goals, which is why creating a safe and secure environment is of utmost importance. 

To help, we’ve created a checklist that can serve as the foundation for maintaining a secure and healthy space.

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Injury Prevention

A safe gym environment minimizes the risk of injuries to or members and staff. 


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A Comprehensive Guide to Gym Safety Measures

  • Covers general cleaning, safety and maintenance protocols
  • Helps you provide the best care for your members
  • Includes a printable checklist
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Why is gym safety & cleanliness important?

Our 4 Steps to Improve Your IAQ

Learn more about each step and the approach we take toward improving IAQ in four phases: Determine. Optimize. Enhance. Engage.

Trust and Confidence

When customers know that you prioritize safety, they feel more comfortable and confident in your facility.

Health and Well-being

Your primary goal is to promote health and well-being among members. A safe gym environment contributes to this goal.

Legal Compliance

Adhering to safety regulations and guidelines is essential to avoid legal issues or penalties. 


A strong commitment to safety speaks volumes about professionalism and a dedication to customers.

Member Retention

Prioritizing safety helps to build loyalty among members and reduce attrition rates.